School-Level Organization

School districts are comprised of individual school sites whose internal authority is organized in many different ways. However, generally the following key players will have important roles:


This category includes the responsibility for academic instruction and curriculum.

Vice Principal or Assistant Principal

Usually found only in larger primary schools, the assistant principal supports the principal with the management of the school.

Special Education Coordinator

Responsible for coordination and oversight of provisions for students with special educational needs.

Human Capital

Commonly referred to as human resources, this area supports the hiring, firing, and professional development of teachers and school administrators.

Subject Leaders and Curriculum Coordinators

Responsible for the leadership and management of a particular curriculum subject. Classroom teachers may be expected to accept responsibility for an area of the curriculum as part of their normal professional duties.

Classroom Teachers

Plan, prepare, and deliver lessons to meet the needs of all students, setting and marking work, and recording pupil development as necessary. Lead teachers often work in partnership with teaching assistants or paraprofessionals.

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