Lesson 1 Summary

Key Points:

  • In the current U.S. public education system, states are given the authority to structure how they legislate and oversee the delivery of education.
  • There are many variations from state to state in how much control a state, district, or school has over education policies and oversight.
  • State boards of education generally have authority over curriculum standards, graduation requirements, testing, teacher licensure, and rules and regulations for the administration of state programs.
  • Local school boards have authority over schools and oversee their day-to-day operation, including the appointment or election of superintendents.
  • State Education Agencies (SEAs) are sometimes referred to as state departments of education and generally have authority over student and teacher standards.
  • School districts generally have many important departments that School Liaisons need to be aware of.
  • School districts are made up of individual school sites whose internal authority can be organized in many different ways.

Looking Forward: Next, learn about important stakeholders that are key to the work of the School Liaison and how to effectively build relationships with them.

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