Why Communication Is Important

Welcoming familySchool Liaisons and military families have shared goals—the nurturing, education, and development of the child. As the bridge between military families and the community, School Liaisons play a key role in helping stakeholders understand the challenges and opportunities military-connected children face, including

  • the effects of starting at a new school, in a new community;
  • the effects of deployment on children and families; and
  • the difficulty in negotiating a new environment and the potential impact it can have on academic success.

Therefore, School Liaisons should use the following strategies to effectively communicate and build relationships with stakeholders:

  • Communicate appropriate, quality information.
  • Share information – “Information Is Power.”
  • Contribute to informed decision making.
  • Create awareness about the role of the School Liaison.
  • Improve the School Liaison–stakeholder relationship.
  • Establish credibility as a “quality information” provider.
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