Identifying Key Stakeholders (cont'd)

Additionally, School Liaisons should develop relationships with installation based support, including the following:

Senior Enlisted Command Leader (Command Master Chief, SGTMAJ, Command SGTMAJ, Command Chief Master Sergeant)

The senior enlisted leader for the installation has the pulse of military personnel stationed aboard the installation.

Relocation Assistance Program

This program is designed to make the moving process run as effortlessly as possible for the military member and his/her family (consider partnering with the housing office as well on incoming families).

Deployment Specialist

They provide individual augmented support information for the military member, family, command, and employers.

Family Support Centers

These offer pre-deployment programs to ensure that families are ready for deployment and also during deployment assistance.

Ombudsman, Key Volunteer, Key Spouse, and Family Readiness Officers

These are personnel appointed by the commanding officer to serve as an information link between command leadership and military families. Volunteers are trained to disseminate information both up and down the chain of command, including command climate issues, local quality of life (QOL) improvement opportunities, and “good deals” around the community. They also provide resource referrals when needed. They are instrumental in resolving family issues before the issues require extensive command attention. These programs are shaped largely by the commanding officer’s perceived needs of his/her command.

Joint Family Service Assistance Program (JFSAP)

JFSAP supports National Guard and Reserve families who are geographically dispersed throughout the states. Each state has at least one JFSAP office to coordinate support for Guard and Reserve families.

Working to increase communication and build alliances and partnerships across stakeholders, decision makers, and influential individuals will not happen all at once. Determining the local politics and players can be complicated, and building relationships and familiarity takes time. New School Liaisons should create a customized plan to orient themselves to their local districts and stakeholders, identify key issues and opportunities, and create a database of contacts.