Effective Communication With Military Parents

Girl with sign reading "Daddy's Our Hero"Parents are the primary group with which strong relationships must be created. They are often very busy, planning for a major life change, and they may have more than one child to consider. Their primary need is to find a trusted advisor—such as the School Liaison. Parents need information about local schools and available resources delivered in relevant and accessible ways. They especially need literature and resources to help them talk to their children and manage the psychological and emotional impact(s) that a transition might have. Some strategies to provide parents with the timely and relevant information they need are

  • posting this information on the installation's Web site, in a bulleted format;
  • becoming familiar with the overall needs of installation families by keeping track of the general age groups of children, numbers of children with special needs, or any other common trends, which can  help School Liaisons tailor information and resources for groups of families;    
  • forming groups among parents that help to provide additional information and feedback ( online groups can be created to facilitate participation from local Reserve and National Guard units); and
  • convening parents and families for support group and/or information sessions centered on difficult transition topics.