Partnership Building Programs - Special Partnership Programs

Sample programs that support the relationship development between installations, schools, and families include the following:

Partners-in-Education (PIE)

PIE is a program that links students with community partners, primarily local businesses that help provide knowledge and skills needed for future success. Some examples of PIE activities, as described by the Waynesville (MO) Schools, include, “…tutoring students in academic content areas, mentoring students in at-risk or special populations such as those with a deployed parent/guardian, establishing extracurricular clubs and activities, providing personnel to assist with school/program special events, conducting professional inquiry events such as career day, health and dental fairs, career exploration and guidance.” School Liaisons should contact their local school district or chamber of commerce to find out whether a partnership agreement exists and the nature of activities taking place. There may be opportunities to enhance current activities or include the installation in a more substantive way.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The PTA is a national nonprofit organization with state and local affiliates that advocates for education and children and provides relevant resources for families and communities. Its membership is made up of parents, teachers, staff and community members who offer their time to volunteer in schools. Every person who joins a local PTA automatically becomes a member of both the state and national PTAs and most school boards ensure local PTA representation. The Fort Rucker PTA provides a great example of an installation-school-family partnership. The National PTA offers a search tool for School Liaisons to find state and local PTA information, as well as tips for how to maximize membership. School Liaisons can encourage military parents to join the local PTA and to volunteer in their children’s school.

Adopt-a-School Programs

This is a program designed to provide military personnel with an opportunity to provide community service to a school in need. This type of activity exists in all service branches, but is more commonly employed by the Army and Navy. The program utilizes the vast amounts of human resources and talents of military personnel to strengthen the resources and activities offered by local schools.  Activities offered through the program can range from volunteering in a local clean-up day at one school to coordinating a response to the maintenance needs of a school by local businesses and installation service members. Military personnel are able to receive leave time to participate in an Adopt-a-School Program near their installation. School Liaisons can find out more about local activities through their installation commander.

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