Defining and Strengthening Local Installation-School Relationships

Girl holding "Welcome Back Mom" signIn partnership with installations, some local schools develop a Local Action Plan (LAP) or a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). In most cases where LAPs or MOUs are in place, the state or district has designated a liaison. This person can be a key resource to School Liaisons in their work, and where present, should factor into a communication and relationship-building strategy.

LAPs and MOUs define local issues and delineate responsibilities that the installation-school partnership will address, such as transfer of records, calendars and schedules, and meeting the social and emotional needs of military-connected children. LAPs and MOUs also include local agreements about such matters as transportation or resource exchanges. School Liaisons can contact local installation commanders to determine the nature of a LAP or MOU with neighboring schools. Obtaining and analyzing these will help the School Liaisons explain to families the framework for collaboration between the installation and local schools. For example, Fort Bragg / Pope AFB and local Cumberland County Schools in North Carolina have drawn up a useful LAP that includes specific strategies to ease the transitioning of military-connected children. It can be found here.

More examples of installation-school LAPs and MOUs can be found in the Resources section of this module.