Lesson 2: Relationship Building

Lesson Overview: Effective communication and relationship building is key to the work of the  School Liaison in ensuring the needs of military-connected students are met. This lesson provides School Liaisons with an understanding of the critical stakeholders and provides targeted strategies and suggested actions for building effective relationships.

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Learning Objectives: Upon completing this lesson, School Liaisons will be able to:

  • Identify important school, district, community, and installation stakeholders that are key to meeting the goals of the School Liaison.
  • Identify ways in which to communicate effectively and productively with different audiences such as school officials, parents, and community representatives.
  • Identify ways in which to inform key school and community stakeholder groups about the unique needs of military-connected children.  
  • Determine and implement strategies for supporting and/or strengthening programs such as Partners in Education (PIE), Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and Adopt-a-School.
  • Work on identifying and strengthening installation-school Local Action Plans and Memoranda of Understanding.
  • Develop action plans for schools and build community understanding about meeting the needs of military-connected students.
  • Identify and explain best-practice examples from various installations and various School Liaisons on relationship building with local school and community.