Responsibilities of the School Liaison

The role School Liaisons play in ensuring the academic success of military-connected children is critical to military families with school-age children. This important charge includes identifying barriers to academic success and developing solutions;

  • promoting parental involvement in their children’s education;
  • developing and coordinating partnerships with educators, school leaders, and community groups;
  • providing parents with the tools they need to overcome obstacles to education stemming from the military lifestyle; and
  • promoting and educating local communities and schools regarding the needs of military-connected children.

Ultimately, the main role of the School Liaison is to support the education success of military–connected students in order to secure their full future potential. These learning modules will equip the School Liaison to carry out the unique set of important responsibilities defined above.

Keeping Military-Connected Students' Needs as the Focus

School Liaisons play a critical role in the lives of military families experiencing change.  Deep knowledge and expertise will be needed to guide families past potential obstacles. At the center of this process are the needs of military-connected students.

Consideration for the Parents' Perspective

School Liaisons will be asked not only to consider the perspectives of families, but also the perspectives of school leaders, military leaders, and teachers. School Liaisons are called upon to build relationships and engage with individuals from and across all of these groups.

Opportunities and Limitations of the Role of the School Liaison

While serving military families, School Liaisons are often asked to address many different kinds of needs. However, there will be occasions when a School Liaison will be required to seek the authority of the base commander or other officers or leaders to resolve an issue. It is important to know which concerns require such attention and how and where to seek appropriate support.

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