Table of Contents

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Module 1: Introduction

Lesson 1: About the Learning Modules

Lesson 2: The Role of the School Liaison

Lesson 3: How to Use This Course

Module Summary

Module 2: About DoDEA

Lesson 1: DoDEA Mission and Purpose

Lesson 2: DoDEA Schools

Lesson 3: The Role of the School Liaison

Module Summary

Module 3: Non-DoD Schools Program

Lesson 1: Overview of the Non-DoD Schools Program

Lesson 2: Enrollment Procedures and Contacts

Module summary

Module 4: The U.S. Public Education System

Lesson 1: The Structure of the U.S. Education System

Lesson 2: Overview of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act

Lesson 3: Current Trends in Education

Module Summary

Module 5: Impact Aid

Lesson 1: Overview of Impact Aid

Lesson 2: U.S. Department of Education Impact Aid Application Funds and Eligibility Requirements

Lesson 3: U.S. Department of Education Impact Aid Application Process and Formulas

Lesson 4: Types of Department of Defense Impact Aid Funds

Lesson 5: Building Participation

Module Summary

Module 6: School Choice

Lesson 1: About School Choice

Lesson 2: Helping Families Manage School Choice

Module Summary

Module 7: How School Performance is Determined

Lesson 1: About the Elementary and Secondary School Act

Lesson 2: State and Local Reporting Requirements

Lesson 3: Families as Advocates for Their Children's Education

Module Summary

Module 8: Supporting Student Success

Lesson 1: Military-Connected Students' Unique Needs

Lesson 2: Services Offered by the Military

Lesson 3: The School Liaison's Role

Module Summary

Module 9: Supporting Students with Special Needs

Lesson 1: Overview of US Education for Special Needs Students

Lesson 2: The School Liaison's Role in Special Needs Education

Module Summary

Module 10: Building and Maintaining Relationships

Lesson 1: Hierarchies and Channels of Communication

Lesson 2: Relationship Building

Module Summary