Specialized Programs

To further support the academic needs and ensure academic success for students of DoDEA schools, specialized programs are offered by DoDEA schools, including summer remedial support for students, online course offerings, and an Advanced Placement (AP) Program.

Summer School Program

Since 2005, DoDEA has offered a free 4-week, half-day Summer Enrichment Program for students in grades K–8. This summer enrichment program emphasizes mathematics and language arts skills. The classes are designed to enrich and reinforce student learning through engaging in high-interest, hands-on activities focusing on reading, math skills and science content. In addition, DoDEA also offers summer online classes for high school students who are at risk of not meeting graduation requirements.

DoDEA Virtual High School

The goal of the DoDEA Virtual High School is to address the educational needs of military-dependent students in transition via a fully accredited Virtual School program. The objective is to provide flexibility through a comprehensive "diploma-granting" high school program. Future plans include expansion to a middle and upper elementary program.

The Virtual High School also assists transitioning DoDEA students by allowing them to take classes they need regardless of their location, enabling students to take courses that might not be available in their community, and it provides flexibility in scheduling. The Virtual High School uses the same criteria for eligibility as DoDEA schools. The Virtual School is not an option if a required course is being offered in a traditional DoDEA classroom, unless there are scheduling conflicts.

The DoDEA virtual school model requires that students interact simultaneously with teachers to participate in live, online discussions and video or audio chats. Web-conferencing tools enhance online instruction and provide students and teachers with opportunities to interact via the Internet. The Virtual High School also allows students to do work on their own at home. Teachers for the Virtual School are stationed at three hubs for the Virtual High School to accommodate the three different areas of the world that DoDEA serves: Wiesbaden, Germany; Camp Humphries, Korea; and DoDEA headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.

School Liaisons should contact DoDEA for more detailed information about the Virtual School enrollment criteria and course offerings.

Advanced Placement Program

The Advanced Placement's (AP) college-level courses and exams allow students to earn college credit in more than thirty 30 courses. The program gives students an opportunity to get a head start on college-level work, stand out in the admissions process, and demonstrate their readiness for college. At the end of the course, students take a rigorous exam; if they earn at least a 3 (on a 1 to 5 scale), they can earn college-level course credit. To ensure all students have access to the final exam, DoDEA covers the additional cost of the test.

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