DoDEA Schools' Structure and Chain of Command

Family at schoolDoDEA schools serve eligible Department of Defense (DoD) military and civilian dependents from preschool through grade 12 through two school systems:

The DoD Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools (DDESS) serves eligible dependents at locations within the continental United States where DoD operates schools. The DDESS system serves approximately 27,000 students in 64 schools located in 7 states, Guam, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. (Map)

The DoD Dependents Schools (DoDDS) serves eligible dependents outside the continental United States:

  • DoDDS – Europe operates 82 schools within five districts throughout Europe, serving over 35,000 school-age children of active duty military and civilian employees. (Map)
  • DoDDS – Pacific, the smallest of the three DoDEA schools regions, covers Bahrain, Japan, and Korea. A total of about 24,000 students are served in about 48 schools. (Map)

A director, area supervisor, and district superintendent heads each geographic region. DoDEA headquarters, located in Alexandria, Virginia, oversees all operations.

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