Lesson 3 Summary

Key Points:

  • School Liaisons assist installation commanding officers by interacting and building relationships with school districts to support military families as well as building an action plan to meet the needs of installation families.
  • School Liaisons are responsible for providing information to parents, making referrals to appropriate agencies, educating families, communicating with installation officers and commanders, encouraging parental advocacy, and developing and maintaining relationships with school districts.
  • School Liaisons should follow the general chain of command of their installation and service branch and provide updates and recommendations regarding the transfer of military families with school-age children in and out of the installation, particular needs of families with children with special needs, local education-related committees, task forces and/or networks in which the School Liaison is taking part, issues related to the local installation-school MOU, and state education policy changes and/or trends that may affect local school governance, school choices and/or operations.
  • School Liaisons should follow protocol outside of the installation, especially when dealing with school systems.

Looking Forward: Next, check your understanding of the lessons presented in this module.

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