Eligibility for Attendance

Two girls in sailor suits Eligibility to attend a non-DoD school at the Federal Government’s expense is limited to command-sponsored dependents of military personnel who are assigned to overseas areas where no DoDEA school is available within the commuting area. A command-sponsored dependent is a minor of school age, residing with the active duty military or the full-time DoD civilian sponsor at an overseas location where an accompanied-by-dependent tour is authorized. The age of eligibility is as follows:

  • For kindergarten and first grade, the local education authority entrance age requirements apply. Note that these requirements may be different from the DoDEA standard, which stipulates a child must be 5 years old on or before September 1st for kindergarten and 6 years old on or before September 1st for first grade.
  • Children ages 3 to 5 with developmental delays and disabilities may be eligible for services if they meet DoDEA special education criteria.

Approval for the enrollment of an eligible minor dependent of a DoD sponsor must be obtained from the DoDEA Non-DoD Schools Program office prior to enrolling a child in a non-DoD school abroad.

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