Family by an airplaneThe Non-DoD Schools Program is a department within DoDEA. The program headquarters is located in Arlington, Virginia, and houses personnel who assist in managing enrollment and reimbursements. These personnel also assist in creating Non-DoD Schools Program-related policy, monitor program operations, and collect data.

Each geographic region of the Non-DoD Schools Program has assigned personnel called Dependent Education Liaisons (DEL). A DEL is an educational coordinator who works with families and students to help with educational services and transition issues in-bound, while the families are stationed and as they transition back to the United States. DELs can assist with issues such as special needs, tutoring, supplemental services, and homeschooling. They should be contacted first when families are requesting information about a new post overseas, but headquarters can also be contacted for initial, general questions. School Liaisons can help families connect to their assigned local DEL.

The regional education areas are as follows:

  • Peachtree City, Georgia – serving the Americas
  • Wiesbaden, Germany – serving Europe
  • Okinawa, Japan – serving the Pacific

Please note: The Non-DoD Schools Program will be upgrading its Web site shortly to include more access information about DELs and data about foreign location schools and their requirements.

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