Process and Required Documentation

Family departingFamilies receiving orders to transfer to an overseas location should first contact the gaining School Liaison to discuss the local school options. If it is determined that no DoDEA school is available within commuting distance, families should then determine other school options. Local School Liaisons can assist with this assessment.

To enroll in the Non-DoD Schools Program, families must submit the following documents to its headquarters located in Arlington, Virginia:  

  • Form 610 (Link to DoDEA Web site);
  • sponsor’s PCS orders;
  • verification of command sponsorship;
  • Request for Reimbursement of Transportation Expenses;
  • copy of birth certificate or passport (kindergarten and first grade);
  • school fee schedule and calendar; and
  • home-based education plan (if applicable).

This process of enrollment can be activated prior to leaving the U.S. or once the family has actually transferred to the new location.

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