Lesson 3 Summary

Key Points:

  • The current iteration of ESEA is slated to be revised based on a blueprint for reform provided by the Obama administration that includes a focus on turning around low-performing schools, encourages innovation, and mandates requirements for state standards based on college and career readiness.
  • Common Core Standards is an important movement to standardize content standards across states and has been adopted by 43 states.
  • The topics of college and career readiness and extended/expanded learning are important because many students who graduate from high school are not prepared for higher education or the workforce.
  • Bolstered by research proving that a high-quality preschool education can pay lasting dividends in student achievement, public funding for preschool programs is growing on a state-by-state basis.

Looking Forward: Next, learn about Impact Aid and how school districts receive support to educate military-connected students.

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