Surveying to Provide Enrollment Data

Boy eating lunchWhen identifying the federally connected children in their membership, or enrollment rolls, the school district may count the number children in two ways:

  1. Surveys parents annually to count the number of military students enrolled
  2. Provide the installation or employer with a list of children it believes are Federally connected and have these entities verify the status (also called a source check).

In both cases, the district is required to collect and certify the child’s name, age, grade, school, parent(s) name, parent(s) work address (if civilian) or the rank and branch of service for member of the uniformed services.  The information is aggregated and reported on the Impact Aid application. This information is then used by ED to qualify districts to receive funds.

School districts must select a date on which they will collect information to identify the number of federally connected children in their student body. The survey date can be anytime from the 4th day of school up to January 31. No parent pupil survey forms or source check documents may be signed prior to this date.  If they are signed prior to the date or not signed and dated at all, they cannot be counted. The enrollment captured on the chosen date is used in determining eligibility of a district to be considered for Impact Aid.

As described above, in conjunction with or in lieu of survey forms, school districts can use a source check form to verify the pupil’s place of residence or parents’ place(s) of employment at the time of the survey. source checks are generally used by school districts that are trying to capture data not received through returned parent pupil survey forms. While districts that are 100 percent impacted use only source check documents, survey forms are generated by others school districts and include the same information as required on the parent-pupil survey form.  Information on the forms and surveys is verified in the following ways:

  • Installations may certify that parents are active duty on the survey date and that they live on Federal property.  
  • Installations may certify that civilian employees were working on Federal property on the survey date.  
  • Contractors may certify that their employees reported directly to the installation on the survey date and that more than 50 percent of their time is spent in that capacity.  
  • Low-rent housing agencies may certify that certain children were residing at these locations on the survey date.
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