Department of Defense Impact Aid Funds

The U.S. Congress has allocated approximately $40 million per year in recent years for Department of Defense (DOD) Impact Aid programs to further assist school districts that educated military-connected children. The funding amount is subject to yearly appropriations by Congress. 

Within the DoD, the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Educational Partnership Program administers the three DoD Impact Aid programs. Eligibility for these programs is determined, in part, by data provided by ED. They are the following:

Impact Aid Supplement Program

This program offers Federal aid to school districts where military-connected children make up at least 20 percent of average daily attendance.  Districts that meet the average daily attendance requirement are contacted by DoD directly, based on eligibility data provided by ED. Funding for this program has been allocated for the past 20 years and annually averages $35 million. In recent years about 115 school districts were eligible. There is no application process for the Supplement Program; school districts are notified by DoDEA of award by June.

Impact Aid for Children With Severe Disabilities Program (CWSD)

This program aims to support schools serving two or more military-connected children with severe disabilities that meet certain special education cost criteria. In 2010, 47 LEAs received DoD Impact Aid for CWSD. To receive these funds, school districts must fill out an application. The average annual funding for this program has been $4 million in recent years.  Applications are generally due sometime in July and school districts are notified of award by September for this program.

Impact Aid for Large Scale Rebasing Program (BRAC)

Although Congress does not always fund this program (no funds have been allocated since 2007), BRAC provides financial assistance to school districts that are heavily impacted by an overall increase or reduction of their population.  Eligible schools in this category have had a 20 percent average daily attendance of military-connected students in the previous year, and then a 5 percent increase or reduction and/or change by 250 students in the current year, due to large scale rebasing.

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