Lesson 1 Summary

Key Points:

  • Research has shown that military-connected students are more likely to succeed, exhibiting positive behavior and avoiding risky behavior.
  • School Liaisons can improve school connectedness by helping parents and teachers understand the importance of, and encourage, high academic rigor and expectations, support for learning, positive adult-student relationships, and an environment of physical and emotional safety.
  • There are important social and emotional indicators by age group to watch for in students that may be experiencing distress.
  • Children with a family member in the National Guard or Reserves may experience unique challenges as a result of unexpected deployments or transitions.
  • Academically, military-connected students are often very adaptive and savvy about adjusting to a new school in the case of a transition.
  • Important topics for School Liaisons to consider when working with families facing transfer include school schedules, graduation requirements, class sizes, curriculum standards, teacher qualifications, academic performance, and extracurricular activities.

Looking Forward: Next, learn about services offered by the military to support student success.

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