Additional Supports

Family by airplaneSupplemental Academic Supports

Many afterschool programs, as well as school and military programs, offer additional academic support for school-age children, ranging from homework help and online tutorials to face-to-face, individualized tutoring. This level of support can be critical, especially for military children who may be transitioning to a new school. Academic performance can also suffer when children are emotionally and physically adjusting to a deployment or when the family environment has changed.

Support Services from Community Agencies and Schools

Module 10: Building and Maintaining Relationships provides more detail about ways School Liaisons can create mutually beneficial relationships with local school leaders and community stakeholders. What is important is that while the military offers a vast array of services and supports, linkages to strong local providers can also be beneficial for military families. In addition, the relationships created with key education leaders by School Liaisons can provide many additional supports and insights for families about the local school system.

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