Lesson 2 Summary

Key Points:

  • The military supports the success of military-connected children, youth, and families through a host of programs and services including everything from full-scale family centers at each installation to support programs such as tutoring, partnerships with community resources, afterschool services, supports for children with special needs, and psychological health supports.
  • Each military branch has specifically designed mental health support programs with offerings for families and children.
  • Afterschool programs and resources are critical to supporting the needs of military-connected students, as not only do they aid in socialization and integration, research shows afterschool activities reduce participation in risky behavior.
  • Many afterschool programs, including school and military programs, offer additional academic support for school-age children that can be critical to ensuring their academic success.

Looking Forward: Next, learn more about the School Liaison’s role in connecting families and children to appropriate resources.

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