Lesson 3 Summary

Key Points:

  • School Liaisons should participate in community groups, committees, and task forces that will provide timely updates on the most effective resources for installation families, districts and the local community.
  • According to the American Psychological Association, the best ways to help children cope during a parent’s deployment include helping the child keep up their routine, listening to the child’s concerns and responding accordingly, reassuring the child that the deployed parent is trained to do his or her job, and communicating in a way that the child will understand based on their age.
  • School Liaisons should refer to key points that foster school connectedness for parents, teachers, and administrators included in the Military Child Initiative’s report “School Connectedness.”
  • School Liaisons can help build important bridges of communication by reminding parents to inform their child’s school about changes in their families.
  • Families are best served by School Liaisons who know where and how they can obtain up-to-date information.

Looking Forward: Next, assess your understanding of the lessons presented in this module.

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