Lesson 2 Summary

Key Points:

  • The primary role of the School Liaison is to empower parents to be advocates for their children.
  • School Liaisons can help connect families of children with special needs to the academic support and resources that will enhance their success in the classroom.
  • There exists a plethora of military and nonmilitary resources designed to assist families of children with special needs.
  •  Under a provision of IDEA known as “free appropriate public education” (FAPE), children with IEPs have the right to receive comparable services no matter the location of their school until the new school conducts a re-evaluation and changes the IEP.
  • School Liaisons can remind families that have children with special needs to “hand carry” important documents to alleviate a delay in the provision of appropriate IEP-indicated services.
  • School Liaisons must keep installation commanders updated about policies that affect children with special needs.

Looking Forward: Next, assess your learning of this lesson.

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