Module 8: Supporting Student Success

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Module Overview: Welcome to Module 8: Supporting Student Success. In this module, School Liaisons will learn about various military and non-military resources available to help meet the unique needs of military-connected children and ensure their academic success. Connecting families, schools, and community groups to appropriate resources that offer targeted and actionable information is an integral part of the duties of the School Liaison. This module offers a general understanding of the common challenges that military-connected children face and provides School Liaisons the tools they need to offer solutions across a variety of audiences.

Learning Objectives: Through this module, School Liaisons will be able to:

  • List and describe the unique needs of military-connected children, including academic and social/emotional needs and issues related to deployment and transition.
  • Identify and advocate for appropriate support services available to military-connected children, such as afterschool programs, counseling support, tutoring opportunities, and homework and technology centers through the military, community agencies, and schools.
  • Identify and develop partnerships for supporting best practices in meeting the academic needs unique to children of the military.
  • Communicate tips to help parents, teachers, and military leadership foster connections with schools.
  • Explain the features and benefits of various resources and services.

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